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10 Tips for A Safe Holiday Season

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

With Christmas right around the corner, your to-do list is likely endless. The holiday season is an incredibly busy time for nearly everyone. During such a hectic time, it can be easy to overlook basic safety tips as they pertain to your home. This article will give you 10 reminders to check on in an effort to keep your home safe during the holidays.

We decided to include both electric and other general home safety tips!

1.) Choose LED lights for your decorations.

Whenever you can, choose LED lights for your decorations. Not only are the more appealing to the eye, they pose far less of a fire hazard in your home. Traditional and CFL lights lose anywhere between 60 to 95 percent of their input power into heat. In comparison, LED bulbs are about 20 percent cooler than that of CFLs. This is why they pose far less of a fire hazard.

2.) Do not overload your electrical outlets.

Holiday fires are commonly caused in regards to either faulty wiring or overloaded electrical outlets. You can simply avoid the latter of the two by limiting the amount of high-wattage you are plugging into each outlet respectively.

3.) Inspect all decorations that involve electricity.

We realize that you have likely already decorated your home. By simply taking a few minutes to check for cracked or damaged sockets, loose or bare wiring, and loose connections you may help save your home from a serious fire. Take the time to check!

4.) Make sure to never string together more than three strands of incandescent lights.

As mentioned in tip #1, we are fans of LED lights to begin with. However, if you choose to continue using incandescent lights, DO NOT string together more than three strands. Not only can this blow a fuse, it can start a fire.

5.) Choose battery operated candles when possible.

We love the smell of a fresh, season-oriented candle as much as you do. The fact is, candles start almost half of home decoration fires according to the National Fire Protection Association.

6.) Protect your cords from damage.

Damaged electrical cords can become shock or fire hazards. For that reason, it is important to never place them in areas where they can become pinched by furniture, forced into small spaces such as your windows or doors, or under your rugs. Keeping cords away from heat sources is also important. And never under any circumstance attach them to anything with nails or staples!

7.) When leaving your home, turn off, extinguish or unplug decorations.

This is even true when going to sleep. The most important aspect here is to extinguish any candles. Unattended candles are the cause of one in five home candle fires. The National Fire Protection Association states that half of home fire deaths occur between 11pm and 7am. Always ensure that your have turned off any electrical decorations and extinguished any candles before leaving your home or heading to bed!

8.) If you still use real trees, keep them fresh by watering frequently.

If you are someone who enjoys having an authentic, real tree in your home for the holidays, this pointer is for you! Dry trees are a serious fire hazard. A dry tree with electrical lights sitting on it's branches is even more of a fire hazard. You mitigate this threat by simply watering your tree on a daily or every other day basis.

9.) Check for labels on electrical decorations.

There are three main labels to look for when it comes to decorations: Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), or Intertek (ETL). Electrical decorations without these labels have not been tested for safety and therefore pose a greater risk for hazard.

10.) Keep heat sources away from decorations.

The National Fire Protection Association states that half of home fires that begin with decorations are the result of combustibles being too close to decorations. The simplest solution is to therefore keep them separate of one another.