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12 Facts Nobody Told You About Electricity.

1.) One bolt of lightening contains enough electricity to power 200,000 homes.

2.) The energy market, which includes electricity, is valued at $821 billion, accounts for 6 percent of the national GDP in the United States.

3.) Ever wondered why birds can sit on a power line unharmed? So long as the bird remains seated on only one power line, it is safe. If the bird then touches another line with its wing or foot, it will create a circuit, resulting in an unfortunate end for the bird.

4.) The human heart is a part of the body's electrical system. The SA node, atria, AV node, and ventricles all work together to keep your heart beating through contractions and impulses.

5.) Typically thought of as not very strong, static electricity is quite the opposite. Air conditioners use static electricity to filter dust and other particles from the air. Printers use static electricity to attract the ink onto the paper.

6.) Energy consumption in America doubles every 20 years

7.) Refrigerators alone in the United States consume about the total amount of energy 25 power plants produce annually.

8.) ENERGY STAR appliances, which we highly recommend, saved Americans $30 billion on their electric and other utility bills in 2013 alone.

9.) Have you ever wondered how much it costs to charge your iPhone every year? It costs less than one dollar, about $0.84, a year to charge an iPhone.

10.) LED lights, which we also highly recommend, consume about 75% less energy and last around 25 times longer than incandescent lights.

11.) Many commercial buildings suffer from inefficient energy usage. This is especially true in regards to lighting. It is estimated that most buildings waste about 30% of their energy through inefficient or unnecessary usage. This amounts to about $200 billion annually.

12.) In order to create electricity, power companies must drive their generator to spin. Generators can be driven to spin by flowing water, wind, coal burning to create steam, and nuclear energy via splitting atoms.

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