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5 Reasons to Get a Hot Tub Right Now!

It is now October and fall now appears to be in full swing. The inevitability of winter lies just around the corner. This spring and summer, we did several electrical installations for pools. The spring and summer is naturally a perfect time to get a pool since they can only be used for a few months a year. Hot tubs on the other hand, can be used year round. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a hot tub this fall!

Year Round Use

As previously mentioned, hot tubs can be enjoyed all year long. It may come as a surprise, but fall is when we do the most electrical work for hot tub installation. Fall is perhaps the best time to have a hot tub installed. It allows for use during the cool autumn months. It will also be ready for you to enjoy during those frigid Pittsburgh Winter months. Hot tubs can also be enjoyed during the spring and summer.

Numerous Health Benefits

Among being comfortable and relaxing, hot tubs actually provide quite an array of health benefits. When soaking in a hot tub, our muscles become more relaxed. This helps decrease pain and joint stiffness, allowing you recover from exercise easier. Speaking of exercise, the New England Journal of Medicine found that sitting in a hot tub actually simulates the benefits of physical exercise! Clinical studies also show that patients who used hot tubs lost an average 3.5 pounds in weight without making any adjustment to diet or exercise.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Higher stress levels increase muscle tensions, headaches, fatigue, and general soreness. Regular use of a hot tub can help relieve many of these negative effects that come with stress. Not to mention the hectic and stressful lifestyles that most of us lead. How much time do you spend taking time to intentionally unwind? Hot tubs provide a perfect opportunity for this. Studies show that the use of hydrotherapy can lead to an improved psychological and emotional state.

Get Better Quality Sleep

Have you ever noticed how much better you sleep when you're not stressed? By reducing stress and anxiety, you are sure to find deeper and more restful sleep. This will have an extremely positive affect on your entire life. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 132 million Americans suffer from insomnia or other sleep conditions once or more per week. A study of older female adults showed that soaking in hot water before bedtime leads to deeper, more restful, and even continuous sleep. Soaking in the hot tub will allow for the relaxation of your muscles, nerves, and a general relaxation of your mind. This in turn will help improve your sleep quality and duration.

They Help Save You Water

Everyone loves an economic benefit, right? On the premise this benefit seems rather counter-intuitive. Consider this, however. If you are someone who regularly takes a bath or stays in the shower for a longer period of time, it makes sense. The water in a hot tub is recycled. Naturally, your shower or bath water is not. It costs money every time you shower or take a bath.

Of course hot tubs can not replicate the hygienic parts of a shower or bath. Hot tubs can replace the main reasons you choose to stay in the shower for a long time or soak in a bath. Many people soak in a bath to reap the same benefits of a hot tub. Done several times per week, this can add up to be a large sum of water. If a hot tub were to replace this habit, it would actually save you money on your water bill.

Fall is no doubt a great time to get a hot tub for your home. When looking to get a hot tub, look no further than Intralux Electric for the electrical components of the installation!