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8 Typical Electrical Problems Around the House

#1 Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

The main purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect your home. When it does trip, that means that it is working. However, the cause of the problem of the trip is what we need to solve.

Remember whenever you would lose something as a child and your parents would tell you to retrace your steps? That's exactly what you want to do here. Revisit what appliances you were using at the time it tripped.

Frequent sources of tripping come from high wattage items such as microwaves and hairdryers. Limiting the total electrical usage on one breaker can help this from occurring.

While this is the usual causes of circuits being tripped, there could be a bigger issue if it happens quite often. At that point, we recommend calling an electrician to examine the issue.

#2 Excessively Dull or Bright Lights

Finding that your lights are unusually bright or dim? The first problem that may be occurring is that you may be using incorrect wattage bulbs. If the necessary wattage is less than what is needed, this could cause the light to be less vibrant for example.

Another possible reason for these occurrences could be a faulty main connection. While you can easily swap out the bulbs in the example above, this issue will need the help of a professional.

#3 Unusual Dips in Power

Are you experiencing random dips in power? There are a few problems that could be causing this. If the devices connected to your main power grid in a faulty manner, they may draw a lot of power when turned on. This would cause a dip in power.

Another problem could be the quality of devices connected to your grid. If the devices connected to your grid are made of poor material, this same phenomenon can take place. Upgrading to Energy Star approved products can help reduce this problem.

#4 Regular Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are extremely short in duration but can pack quite a lot of damage into their punch. Lasting typically less than a microsecond, frequent surges can connect any devices connected to your electrical grid within your home.

Surges are typically caused by:

  • Poor or degraded electrical wiring in your home

  • Faulty appliances

  • Lighting strikes

  • Damage to power lines

If these surges tend to happen with regularity its a safe bet to assume it is either from bad wiring or a faulty appliance. You can test which device may be causing the issue by removing them from the grid and seeing if the surges cease. If this does not do the trick, it is likely time to consult an electrician.

#5 High Electric Bill

We have written extensively about how to save money on your electric bill. But here is a brief on how to save money on your monthly payment.

  • Fixing damaged circuits or wiring

  • Upgrading electrical appliances

  • Changing to a different electrical supplier

  • Unplugging chargers, computers, or other appliances when not being used

  • Upgrading to LED light bulbs throughout your home

#6 Light Switches Not Operating Correctly

There are two likely culprits for this problem. The first is that the person who installed the switches did a poor job. The second possible issue is that the switch itself is sub-optimal.

This is typically an issue we find when clients move into newer homes. Often times the switches will not activate anything at all. Sometimes this is due to a fault within the outlet, circuit, or the wiring itself. Due to the complexity of this problem, we recommend hiring an electrician.

#7 Frequent Burn out of Light Bulbs

If you find that your light bulbs are burning out unusually fast, there are a few reasons this could be taking place. Below we have listed a few culprits.

  • Bad wiring throughout the circuit

  • Poor wiring throughout main electrical grid

  • Poor connection to the circuit

  • Using too high of wattage bulbs

They key in this case is to isolate the cause. For a non-trained professional this can take a lot of time and cause frustration. Hiring a professional to isolate the issue will save you money in the long run.

#8 Electrical Shocks

If you are experiencing shocks when turning a device off or on, this is a sign of an issue. The issue could be with the device itself or the wiring. To test which is causing the issue, you can simply plug another device into the outlet and see if the same problem persists.

It is important to note that electrical shocks of any kind can be dangerous. Letting a professional test the problem usually is the best approach.

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