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8 Ways to SMASH Your Electrical Bills This Fall

According to the Energy Department, a typical family spends $2,200 on average per year for utilities. A large contributor towards utility bills is energy costs. Data shows that with some tweaks, you can slash your electric bill by as much as 25 percent.

We present 8 ways to SMASH your electric bill and start saving money!

#1 Check seals on all doors, appliances, and windows

Any seal that is not properly tight will allow cold air to escape into your home. This will cause your heating system to work extra hard. Therefore, your wallet gets hit in the process. Keep those seals tight!

#2 Moderate the temperature of your fridge and freezer

Your fridge and freezer work to maintain the temperature they are set to. By setting your fridge and freezer to 38 and 5 degrees respectively, the appliance will not have to work as hard to maintain the temperature. Do not worry about the freshness of your food, both of these temperatures are suitable for maintaining food quality.

#3 Adjusting Your Thermostat

When you are away from your home, dial back the heating of the home. Doing this for 8 hours per day can save you 10 percent on your electric bill annually. The same can be done in the summer. Simply adjust the thermostat when you return home.

#4 Adjust Your Water Heater

A typical default setting on water heaters is 140 degrees. Lowering it to 120 degrees can save you up to 10 percent on your electric bill. If you travel, turn it to the lowest setting while you are gone.

#5 Take Shorter Showers

The Energy Department states that hot water is the second largest expense to power most homes. By trimming off two minutes from your regular shower, you can save 10 gallons of hot water. This compounds over the course of a year into a nice savings.

#6 Stop Washing Clothes in Hot Water!

When you stop using hot water to wash your clothes, the energy usage for each load of laundry can be cut in half. Simply use warm or cold water when doing your laundry.

#7 Swap Your Light Bulbs

LED or compact fluorescent bulbs are far more energy efficient. Replace your current light bulbs with either of these and you will save around $75 per year. Contact us to learn more about this option!

#8 Consult Your Energy Provider

Ask your energy provider if they provide discounted rates. Some providers will offer discounted rates during non-peak consumption times. This can make energy-usage tasks anywhere from 5 to 25 percent less expensive.