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Electric Cars | Charging Installs

It is no secret that electric cars have become more popular of recent. Last year, over 1.2 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide. This was a 58 percent increase from 2016. One could understand the growing popularity. There are environmental and financial benefits that come with owning the cars. An average American spends about $1,400 per year on fueling their car with gasoline. Given that the average US electricity rate is 12 cents per kilowatt hours, an average American driver pays anywhere from $350 to $540 to charge their electrical car.

The majority of people believe that an electric car's charger is external to the car. This is not the case. Unknown to most people, the charger is actually contained internally to the car. This charger takes an AC source of power from the home and converts it to DC. This is done within the car itself and allows the cars battery pack to be charged.

How does the car get supplied with this power? A 240 volt wall-mounted box supplies this AC power source to the electric car. This wall-mounted box is mistaken as the cars charger. An Electric Vehicle Service Equipment or EVSE is the technical name for box, chord, and plug for the car. Those who have electric cars rely on EVSE's to power their car.

To be clear, the rest of this article outlines EVSE's, not the car's charger. Remember, the car's charger is found internally.

How much will an EVSE Cost Me?​

This seems like the most sensible question to delve into first. Most drivers of electric cars report spending somewhere between $500 to $700 on purchasing their EVSE. This number of course does not factor in the installation. We would happily be able to quote you on this!

How many amps should my EVSE be?

This is an important question to ask. Experts recommend purchasing an EVSE that handles 30 amps at the least. Optimistic projections show that every hour spent charging on a 30-amp service will yield 30 miles in travel distance. This is not the case for all cars however. Hybrids typically do not experience this faster rate of charge. That is why most experts recommend purchasing a minimum of a 30 amp EVSE. Keep in mind, a 30-amp EVSE will need a circuit breaker rated for 40-amps at a minimum.

What if I want my EVSE to be portable?

This is not a problem. Us electrician's are able to install what is called a NEMA 14-50 outlet or something similar. This type of outlet is typically used on clothes dryers. This will allow your EVSE to not be installed in a permanent position. You will then be able to reposition your EVSE when necessary by plugging into another NEMA 14-50 outlet.

How long should my charging cable be?

This question will depend on your individual situation. Charging cables typically run between 15 to 25 feet. To choose the length that is right for you, simply envision where your car will be parked in relation to your EVSE. After doing this, measure the distance between these two spots. Even if you opt for a portable installation of your EVSE, this should still give you a good idea of how long your charging cable should be. The last thing you would want to do is underestimate the size of this, so if anything give yourself some extra length.

How do I choose the right electrician for the installation?

If you do some research, you will find that many dealerships that sell electric cars will recommend certain electricians for the installation of this job. This is not the most ideal option. Why? These so called "specialists" will charge you a premium for the job. Finding the right electrician for this job is much like finding the right one for any other electrical service: identify a skilled electrician and steer away from the bad ones!

We know that making the leap to an electric vehicle is a big one. We believe in making this experience as easy as possible for you, on our end. We can assist you in finding the correct EVSE for your vehicle and home. We believe that our reputation speaks for itself. However if you want to see what our clients have to say, have a look at our Facebook reviews here. We would be more than happy to assist you in the installation of your EVSE! We offer free quotes. Contact us for more information!