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Now Is The Right Time To Switch To LED Lighting

LEDs are impressive; They have a lifespan of 12+ years, they use less energy than incandescent bulbs and they now deliver the familiar warm light that used to only be achievable through incandescent. So why hasn't everyone made the switch? In my opinion, switching to LEDs for some people is like asking them to change everything they've ever known! While it is true that LEDs are completely different than the familiar incandescent bulbs that we have all grown up with, there is nothing wrong with embracing something new if it is much better. If you are still holding onto your incandescent bulbs like they're going out of style (which they already have, seriously, they don't make them anymore) then keep reading to hopefully change your perspective on switching to LED lighting.

Lumens Scare You

If you have ever browsed the LED bulb selection at your hardware store, you may have noticed that you can't find the wattage listed on the packaging. It is because LEDs are measured in lumens (lm) not watts (W). Why you ask? Wattage is actually a determination of how much energy a bulb will need to draw to produce the brightness of light that you desire. Since LEDs use less energy, they use less wattage. Given that seeing a box that says something like "8 Watts" is just as confusing as seeing a box that says "800 Lumens" when your looking for a "60 Watt" capability, putting wattage on LEDs was just not useful.

Here are some common Watt-Lumens Conversions

450LM = 40W

800LM = 60W

1100LM = 75W

So, if it was the word "lumens" that was holding you back, you can now confidently choose the appropriate LED bulb!

You Don't Think LEDs Will Save You Money

Think for a moment about electric vehicles. They are more money up front to purchase the vehicle, but you save tons of money in costs to power the vehicle. However, if you purchase an electric vehicle and only use it one day a week while still using your gas vehicle on all of the other days, you won't really see the cost savings from your electric vehicle purchase. This idea is the same with LED lighting. Sure, the bulbs themselves cost a little bit more upfront, but you will save money in the cost of using these bulbs overtime. However, these costs will only be noticeable if you make the switch to all LEDs. In other words, one LED bulb in your living room lamp is not going to provide you with the cost savings that you are looking to obtain from using LEDs. Just the same as using your electric vehicle only one day a week instead of full time, replacing one incandescent bulb with an LED every few months will not end up being the cost-saving route you intended to take. If you are going to make the switch for cost purposes, it is crucial that you commit to all LEDs.

These are just a few things that lead people away from switching to LEDs, but hopefully now you are more confident and more understanding of how LEDs work for you! These energy-saving, durable bulbs are quite literally illuminating the path of future lighting. Now is the right time to get on board and make the switch!