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Stop Wasting Money | Upgrade to LED

Businesses face many expenses on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Naturally, businesses are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line. This can be done by increasing revenue, decreasing expenses, or a combination of both. While there are many ways to accomplish these goals, upgrading to LED lighting can help both increase a businesses revenue as well as decrease their expenses.

In this article, we explain how making the upgrade to LED lighting does just that.

Upgrade to LED, Save Money!

The average small business’s electric bill in the United States is $670 per month. 40 percent of that electric bill goes towards lighting. This means that small businesses are spending on average $268 per month on lighting. Of course, this is just the average. The larger the business, the more they are spending. LED lighting can save a business anywhere from 40-90% of their lighting portion of their electric bill. For the average small business in the US, upgrading to LED lighting would bring their electric bill to anywhere from $26.80 - $160.80 per month.

These monthly savings can go a long way for businesses. However, they are often overlooked for a number of reasons. One little known fact about LED lights are the duration that the bulbs can be used. Businesses that choose to upgrade to LED lighting will not have to replace bulbs for 10 to 20 years. Yes, you read that correctly! This means that not only will businesses that choose to upgrade save money on their monthly electric bill, they also will not have to pay for maintenance and replacement costs during the 10 to 20 year window of time.

The Efficiency of LED Lights

What makes LED lights more efficient? The answer lies in how LED lights are constructed. LED lights use direction. This eliminates the need for the reflectors and diffusers that traditional lighting uses. With other types of lights, the light must be reflected to reach the desired destination. Reflectors and diffusers can trap the light, which makes the light inefficient.

The directional nature of LED lights makes them efficient for recessed down-lighting and task lights. This is why they are increasingly appearing in street lights and parking garage lighting. Another aspect that leads to the efficiency seen with LED lights are the extremely low amounts of heat they emit. This differs quite substantially from incandescent bulbs and and compact fluorescent lamps. Incandescent bulbs release 90 percent of their energy as heat and compact fluorescent lamps release about 80 percent of their energy as heat. You may know this is if you have ever placed your hand close to one of these types of bulbs.

Industrial and Commercial Use

The high efficiency and directional nature of LEDs make them ideal for a variety of industrial and commercial uses. In fact, there have been studies conducted to monitor the effects of LED lighting in the workplace. Several of these studies and reports show the positive impacts that LED lights have in the workplace. These studies and reports focus on human energy, mood, vitality, and work performance.

Studies performed in the US and Europe show that by simply upgrading to LED lights, work performance can increase by at least 3 percent. While this amount may seem trivial, consider also the cost savings that are also taking place when upgrading. The savings in energy costs paired with increases in work performance can create gains that help rationalize the upgrading and installation costs.

LED lights improve energy, mood, and work performance in the workplace. This has been proven through various studies. They also remove problems that commonly take place for workers in working environments that use fluorescent lighting. Large amounts of workers that work under fluorescent lighting complain of eye strain and headaches. These have been largely attributed to the fluorescent lighting. It’s no wonder why upgrading to LED has such a positive impact on work performance.

Happier workers, better work performance, monthly saving on electric bills, and lights that last 10 to 20 years; these are the benefits that businesses can expect when making the choice to upgrade to LED lights. We have done several jobs recently that involved upgrading businesses to LED lighting. As always, we offer free estimates to businesses who are considering making the upgrade. If you are considering making the upgrade, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!