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Sunrooms Should Be Enjoyed All Year Long

One of most popular jobs we are hired to do on a regular basis is installing the electrical components for sunrooms and solariums. They are some of the most enjoyable jobs we do for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that a well done sunroom or solarium brings a lot of joy to those living in the home. It also adds a lot of value to the home when looking to put the house up for sale.

It is quite usual for most of us to think of using these rooms during the summer months. This is especially true in our market. Pittsburgh experiences all four seasons to their extremes. Summers in Pittsburgh can be quite hot and humid while winters can usher in a frigid climate. A good sunroom or solarium is built to provide comfort year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

When sunrooms or solariums are installed, there are naturally various people who work on this process. Given that we specialize in residential and commercial electrical work, we naturally factor into the electrical components of this installation. To show how we approach these types of jobs, we will focus on one specific job we did recently.

We recently did a solarium in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. Our goal was to ensure that the homeowners could enjoy their solarium year round. To make this possible, we took many measures to make sure that the climate of the solarium would be stable, no matter the outdoor conditions.

The first of these measures was the installation of a 220 line attaching to a unit that can be used as heating or air conditioning. This allows the home owners to moderate the temperature of the room with the same control that they have throughout the rest of their house. By giving control of the temperature of the room to the homeowners, the solarium can be enjoyed throughout all 4 seasons.

The second measure we took to ensure the optimal climate control in the solarium was the installation of exhaust fans. There are many benefits to having exhaust fans in a sunroom or solarium. The most obvious one is that the exhaust fans help ventilate the room. This creates further control over the temperature, especially on blazing hot days. The second benefit of exhaust fans are their ability to keep the air fresh. This helps remove any unwanted scents or impurities in the air. Thus keeping the air fresh and healthier to breathe.

The last measure taken in this particular solarium was the installation of a ceiling fan. This seems like a rather obvious feature to include. However, without the exhaust fans or the heating and air conditioning unit, the ceiling fan would do little to help keep the room cool on hot days. The ceiling fan works in tandem with both the exhaust fans and air conditioning unit to help moderate the temperature. The ceiling fan allows for less burden to be placed on the air conditioning unit. Therefore saving the homeowners money on their electric bill in the hotter months.

This article has focused on how we help ensure optimal temperature control in sunrooms and solariums. However, this is far from the totality of work we do in these types of jobs. Below are some more examples of the type of work we have done in these rooms for functionality and aesthetics.

In this instance, we installed two wall sconces. They provide great illumination to the room. In addition to this, they truly help accentuate the aesthetics of the brick in this case. To the left of the sconces is a receptacle and a switch for the ceiling fans we also installed.

For this job, we also installed two gang floor outlets. We wanted to help bring to the life the beauty of the room. The small details truly can help bring a room like this to life. Your electrical work should always help bring the aesthetic nature of your room alive. It should NEVER take away from it.

If you are located in the Pittsburgh area and are looking to add a sunroom or solarium to your home, look no further than Intralux Electric for the electrical needs!