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Upgrade These Appliances to Save Money

Every year, millions of Americans make the decision to upgrade their home appliances. Sometimes upgrades are done out of need, such as when an appliance fails. Sometimes upgrades are done during remodels. Oftentimes, homeowners decide to simply upgrade their appliances due to new advanced technologies being available that allow for greater savings.

Purchasing a new appliance comes with two distinct price tags. The first and most obvious one is the cost of the appliance. This is the cost that seems to weigh into the decision process heaviest for the vast majority of buyers. The second, and oftentimes overlooked cost, is the cost to use or run the appliance. In the case of a dryer, this would be the cost associated with energy needed to run the appliance.

Energy efficient appliances are not only better for the environment, they cost less to run than older appliances. Why? Older appliances use more energy to operate. Therefore, your wallet takes a hit every month in this department. The price tag of a new, energy efficient appliance can seem daunting. However, what is important to realize is that the amount of money you will be conserving on a monthly and yearly basis will easily justify the cost of upgrading.

Look for the Energy Star

Have you ever noticed the Energy Star logo on various appliances? Energy Star is a company that rates appliances based upon their energy efficiency. The Department of Energy sets guidelines that appliance manufacturers must fall within for energy consumption. Many appliance manufacturers choose to exceed these guidelines. Appliances that receive the Energy Star seal of approval are deemed as significantly exceeding the standards set by the government. When looking to upgrade an appliance, choosing one with an Energy Star logo will save you money on your electric bill in the short and long term.

Replace These Appliances

Depending on the specific appliance in question, you will want look at the age of the appliance. It is important to consider the cost of the upgrade as well as how much you will save yearly on your electric bill.


Unsurprisingly, refrigerators consume more energy than any other appliance in your kitchen. If there is only one appliance you can afford to upgrade, consider upgrading your fridge. Refrigerators that are replaced with Energy Star appliances have possibility of saving you hundreds of dollars annually. Smart fridges can even do things like take pictures of the inventory in your fridge. That way, you can see what needs restocked from your phone as you are shopping!


Upgrade this kitchen appliance to an energy efficient one, and your electric bill will not be the only place you save you money. Newer dishwashers, on average, use half the water that older appliances use. Therefore, you can expect savings on your water bill as well. This can result in the savings of hundreds of gallons of water per years. Upgrade your dishwasher and you can finally justify your longer showers!


Another kitchen appliance to consider upgrading is your oven. Smart ovens have many interesting features such as recipe databases and sending timed reminder directly to your phone. Even if you do not choose to upgrade to a smart oven, modern ovens consume far less energy. Energy efficient ovens will save you money on your electric bill. Whether you choose to upgrade to a smart oven is really your choice!

Washing Machine

Do you load your washing machine from the top or front? If you load from the top and it is over five years old, replacing it makes sense. Front loading machines that are newer use significantly less water and energy. While you will save water and energy per use, you will want to factor in how often you do laundry as well. Older machines that are used daily or several times a week would make perfect sense to upgrade.

Water Heater

Modern water heaters are far more efficient than their older counterparts. Surprisingly, they cost far less than one would typically think. Depending on your home's needs, they can range in cost anywhere from $300 - $1200. The cost of this upgrade can easily be justified given the amount of money that will be saved in the long run with energy efficiency. The modern water heaters have electronic interfaces that allow for adaptation based upon water use.

HVAC System

Does your HVAC system struggle during peak seasons? If your system struggles to maintain a stable temperature throughout your home, it is likely time to consider upgrading. HVAC Systems that have an Energy Star rating have the possibility of saving hundreds of dollars every year on your utility bill. The installation of smart thermostat to your heating a and cooling appliances can also make a great impact on your savings.