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Upgrading to Heated Floors

It is a frigid Monday morning in January. Your alarm clock wakes you as you reluctantly roll out of bed. Leaving the warmth of your bed, you can feel just how cold it is outside. You race to the shower and turn it on. As you step into it, you are thankful to live in a time when we have access to warm water. You soak in the warm water

for what seems like forever.

Then the dreaded time comes. You turn off the water. You open your shower curtain or door and reach for your towel. You begin to dry yourself off and step out of the shower. Stepping out of the shower, you are immediately once again freezing. The cold, hard surface of your floor immediately overcomes all the warmth you received in the shower. Not a fun way to begin your day!

For many of us in Pittsburgh, this is how our winter mornings begin. In fact, this is how they have begun for many years. It's no wonder why so many of us complain about the winter! There is good news though. There is a solution to your problem. The solution is to upgrade to heated floors.

Technically called in-floor radiant heat systems, heated floors have many advantages. The first being that they are capable of outlasting your furnace. Yes, this seems hard to believe, but it is true. They are extremely durable and reliable. They can even last up to 35 years if upkeep and maintenance is performed.

Another advantage is that they can actually save you money. Heated floors work in a totally different way then your central heating system. They work from the ground up. This means that more of the heat is absorbed by your body in comparison to that which is coming out of your vents. This is most definitely true in homes with higher ceilings. Due to this, most people can then set their thermostat to a lower temperature.

A large concern is that heated floors will cause extra noise. They do not use a blower and therefore this is not a problem. They come as mats, and can easily be installed. The beauty of heated floors is that they can be installed in select rooms in your home. A lot of people tend to choose their bathrooms. The choice is really yours.

When it comes to improving your home in anyway, it is important to consult with an expert. We have performed this service numerous times. Our experience and feedback from our clients has allowed us to become knowledgeable in this area. If you are interested in upgrading to heated floors, contact us today!