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Why You Should Invest in Surge Protectors

Thunderstorms can be quite terrifying. Just ask your family pet. While your pets can run and hide under a bed or table, your most precious electronic devices cannot do the same. But don't fret. In this article, we detail how surge protectors work to keep your expensive and important electronic devices safe during a storm.

Most people think that a direct strike to a device, appliance, or house must occur in order to cause severe damage. This is not necessarily the case. A simple lightning strike to a nearby power line could travel through it to your home. In this case, the surge in electricity can overload the capacity in which your home is built to withstand. This can either cause a short circuit or the burning of your electrical wiring through its conductor. In either case, this is bad news for the majority of electronic devices.

Luckily, there is a solution to combat this problem. This solution is found through implementing surge protectors.Surge protectors act as a shield for your most sensitive electronics. During a severe electrical storm, there is a potential for sensitive electrical devices to become damaged and or totally ruined. Surge protectors can quite literally save your most precious and important sensitive electrical devices.

Power Surges

A power surge is simply a spike in your home's electrical current. These spikes are usually quite brief, lasting less than a thousandth of a second. Even with such a short period of time, power surges can still cause devastating damage to your home and appliances attached to your electrical grid. Oftentimes, this can result in thousands of dollars in damage.

Power surges, also known as transient voltage, can occur as the result of lighting strikes or some malfunctioning electrical equipment outside of your home. Have you ever noticed that your lights in your home dim and or flicker when your air conditioner or heater kicks on? The reason for this is because activating the appliance, in this case the heater or air conditioner, requires such a large power draw.

Believe it or not, this is a type of power surge. Though this type of power surge is not an immediate threat to your home or appliances in the same way that electrical storms are. Over time they can cause problems leading to decreased lifespan of various electrical products that are hooked up to your electrical circuitry.

The typical North American home has voltage set to flow at 120 volts. When surges occur, voltage exceeds this limit leading. This leads to damage taking place. The amount of damage depends upon the intensity and duration of the surge. Surge protectors prevent this damage from occurring to your electronics and appliances. In the same way that ground wires protect you from electrical shock, surge protectors protect your important electrical appliances from being damaged.

What to Look for in a Surge Protector

While any layer of surge protection can and will make a difference, there are naturally some that are more efficient than others. It is important to understand that no surge protector is 100% reliable in all power surges. The ultimate way to combat this flaw is to create at least two layers of surge protection.

Whole-home surge protection systems are extremely effective at diverting surges that are taking place from outside of your home. For example, surges caused by transformer malfunctions. Beyond the first layer of protection, utilizing protected power strips and adapters can be quite beneficial. Both of these provide an extra layer of protection for appliances that could otherwise become damaged.

Protected power strips and adapters are extremely beneficial in helping provide defense against the internal power surges that we discussed earlier, such as when your air conditioner turns on.

Having a combination of both whole home systems and protected power strips and adapters is the safest, most efficient route to take. The investment of this type of protection pales in comparison to the possible thousands of dollars in damage that can be caused by a severe thunderstorm. The cost of upgrading your home in this manner seems relatively small when you consider that your brand new 4k TV, MacBook Pro, and clothes dryer are at risk to becoming damaged.

If you live in the Pittsburgh region and are interested in learning more about how to protect your home against electrical storm damage, we would be glad to assist you.

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